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As a fundraising consultant and development coach, Adriane Deithorn, MS, helps dozens of organizations like yours raise the money necessary to broaden their impact. Fundraising isn’t always about the money – it’s about what those gifts allow your organization to do – preserve our animals and environment, feed the hungry, provide after-school programs, prevent bullying, find cures for diseases, and so much more.

Consulting Services
Every organization has different goals, desires and outcomes. But there are many things you can expect when you choose Adriane as your fundraising consultant:

  • A complete analysis of your current development operations with specific, tailored recommendations in a full development audit.
  • Guidance and support for executive directors and development staff to address fundraising and management issues.
  • A detailed action plan to help you raise funds more efficiently and effectively.
  • Trained, engaged board members who are able to excel as both fundraisers and in governance.
  • The ability to raise significantly more money for your organization, year after year.