“I had the great honor of working with Adriane for the 2013 Pittsburgh Three Rivers Marathon. I have never met someone who loved her job more than Adriane; she puts her heart and soul into what she does. Her experience is measured by how successful the Pittsburgh Three Rivers Marathon over the years and how it has continued to grow and get better and better each year. The Marathon is a complicated event put together, with a million details that need to be addressed a number of locations all taking place at the same time frame throughout the city. I was amazed by her multitasking and ability to keep all the different facets of Marathon in perspective while also giving each department/venue the appropriate amount of attention. Adriane was always completely on top of every detail, she is straight-forward, honest, extremely hardworking and understanding of the needs of her sponsors and vendors.”

—Jennifer Tadler, Sr. Event Manager at SMG – David Lawrence Convention Center

“Adriane is a top-notch fundraising executive who I have had the privilege of working with over the last few years. Adriane not only brings years of experience to the field, but she is a proven leader, dynamic communicator, cost-conscientious strategic thinker, relationship builder and always has a smile on her face. She is a joy to be around.”

—Melissa Wagner, Regional Representative of Philanthropy at K-LOVE/Air 1 Foundation

“As a Board Member of a local non-profit, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Adriane. ‘Comprehensive’ doesn’t begin to describe her. I’ve watched her do a myriad of projects: taking a plane-filled group of teens to Disney, begin and execute a Capital Campaign, write and RECEIVE grants, plan fundraising events and even gardening when it was needed. She doesn’t shy away from anything that needs to be done in an organization. She’s an amazing ball of energy. But, the most amazing thing about Adriane is her heart. Once she has committed to your organization, she is ‘all in’ no matter what. She genuinely cares about your goals and takes them to heart. Adriane is a great asset to any company!”

—Lisa Hoffman

“There are those who promise to deliver on-time and exceed your expectations, but they often fall short. Adriane is a rare gem who not only delivers results but does so with a smile on her face — because she truly loves what Wish, Hope, Dreams accomplishes. Hard working, determined, and results-oriented, are just three aspects of her abilities. Regardless of what organization she works with, the results are always the same — outstanding! I have seen first hand how Adriane accomplishes her goals. I only wish every business shared her work ethic, passion, and leadership. Then they would realize how truly gifted she is. You can wish, you can hope, and you can dream — Adriane makes each of these a reality you can achieve. I would very highly recommend Adriane for any type of fundraising. Her focus on implementing unique methods of raising funds, providing leadership, and achieving your goal is unmatched.”

—Bill Luconti, President at Luconti Design, Inc.

“I have known Adriane in a variety of capacities for the past 3 years. I had the pleasure of working with her on the planning and executing of the GNC Fit Expo during Marathon weekend. Her client service to GNC was top notch. Adriane’s attention to detail and willingness to go above and beyond to accommodate her clients is extraordinary. In addition, she is always coming up with innovative ideas and is thinking outside-the-box. 

Adriane always leads with integrity and executes with passion. Her commitment to non-profits clearly showcases these qualities. One of her strengths is building strong community relationships and raising funds for many causes no matter what it takes, Adriane makes it happen. 

In summary, I highly recommend Adriane for any position or endeavor that she may seek to pursue. She will be a valuable asset for any organization.”

—Maria S. Allshouse, CPT, SFN, Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant

“I am extremely pleased to offer a recommendation for Adriane Deithorn. She has served as the first Stage Right! Director of Development for two years. She has been exceptional in every way and has raised $350,000 and $60,000 in-kind donations during our first year of our Capital Campaign. This is a 70% increase over our 16 previous years of business. Her untiring and passionate efforts on our behalf have helped Stage Right! purchase our first building. This new performing arts center has, among other things, allowed us to enlarge our curriculum and class size to improve profitability and sustainability. Adriane represents Stage Right! in an extremely professional manner and often goes above and beyond the traditional job description of a development director. If she sees a task that needs to be done, no matter how large or menial, she does it.Although Adriane has been involved with Stage Right! for a relatively short time, her level of passion and enthusiasm for our mission belies that fact. We were new to a fundraising campaign of this magnitude and Adriane educated us on every aspect of the process. Her level of enthusiasm, professionalism, and productivity are unparalleled. Adriane will be an asset to any organization with which she is involved.”

—Dani Womack

“Adriane is one of the most exemplary people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Always full of energy…she is positive, principled and a pleasure to be around.”

—Jeffrey Flick, President & CEO at BD&E

“Adriane is conscientious, results-driven, others-focused and overall, a great person to work with! Regardless of her extremely busy schedule, she always takes time to answer questions, no matter how minute they seemed. She is an advocate for nonprofits and is always willing to go the extra mile to help. I consider Adriane a professional colleague as well as a personal friend.”

—Cindy Dell, Manager, Marketing & Communications at Urban Impact Foundation


Adriane is one of those unique individuals who gives her heart to an organization when she comes on board to plan your event or to create a successful capital campaign. She executes projects within given time parameters, but more importantly, she does it with grace and compassion. Adriane is the perfect person to have n your team.

—Evelyn Castillo, Creative Director at Sterling Events


Adriane is the ideal colleague and professional partner. Not only is her execution on programs and deliverables precise and on time, but her enthusiasm and energy for her work are also palpable and contagious. She seamlessly blends passionate ideals and detailed organization.

—Jennifer Brown, Assistant Proposal Manager at Bombardier Transportation


“Adriane is amazing at what she does and I have been fortunate to have met her and worked with her. She gets results and she loves her work!”

Dick Beardsley, Motivational/Inspirational Speaker


“I have had the pleasure of working with Adriane in the Pittsburgh Marathons charity program—Run for a Reason. The CF Foundation has been a charity in this program for the past two years. Adriane put so much passion and work into this program; it has doubled in size. She has excellent communication skills and has everyone’s best interest in mind. Her creative and ambitious ideas made you think about the Pittsburgh Marathon more than just May. She is a positive and caring person and pays close attention to detail. She never holds back, helps anyone in need and always goes the extra mile! After working with Adriane the past two years, not only did I gain a business partner, but also I gained a long time friend. Adriane would be a great asset to any company with her desire, organizational skills, precision, and open-mindedness.”

Jamie Hayden, Marketing


“I have had the privilege to work directly with Adriane and the Pittsburgh Three Rivers Marathon for the past 4 years. Adriane’s attention to detail, organizational skills and wholehearted commitment to nonprofits is truly remarkable. Adriane will always take the extra step to ensure every event and endeavor she is involved in is marked with professionalism, success, grace and her trademark, upbeat attitude, and smile. 

Additionally, Adriane is always available, no matter what the situation, to mentor and motivate her colleagues in the pursuit of their goals, both professional and personal. Her guidance and expertise are invaluable to those who are lucky enough to cross her path. 

Anyone who has the privilege to work with Adriane will be undoubtedly impressed. I myself look forward to seeing all of the amazing work she will do in the future.”

Megan Hensley, Asst. Marketing and Sales Director at Buckhead Saloon


“I have had the pleasure of working with Adriane during the last five Pittsburgh Marathons. Adriane worked extremely hard to ensure that the expos and marathons always ran smoothly. Each year Adriane seemed to find new ways to impress me. She regularly puts the needs of her clients above her own. In addition to her hard work, Adriane has a great personality. She knows how to laugh during a stressful situation. 

I hope I have an opportunity to work with Adriane in the future.”

Matthew Cox, Sr. Account Director at RetailComm


“Adriane is a top-notch fundraising executive who I have had the privilege of working with over the last few years. Adriane not only brings years of experience to the field, but she is a proven leader, dynamic communicator, cost-conscientious strategic thinker, relationship builder and always has a smile on her face. She is a joy to be around.”

Melissa Wagner, Regional Representative of Philanthropy at K-LOVE/Air 1 Foundation


“I’ve had the privilege of working directly with Adriane the past five years as FedEx Ground was a presenting sponsor of the Pittsburgh Marathon. Our partnership with the Pittsburgh Marathon has evolved into one of our biggest, most highly visible sponsorships. It’s been an excellent experience through her leadership. She truly values building genuine relationships, and it has translated into utmost success.”

Erin Truxal, Manager, Global Media at FedEx


“Adriane and I worked together on the charity program with the Pittsburgh Marathon. Adriane’s knowledge of the non-profit sector, work experience within the development field, and passion were vital to the success of the “Run for Charity” program. Adriane was always willing to go the extra mile and put in the effort to knock it out of the ballpark. Her passion and excitement are obvious to anyone who works with her and she would be an asset to any organization.”

Kira Kellner, Manager, Fundraising & Special Events at American Diabetes Association


“Adriane is well-organized, thorough, and thoughtful. I enjoyed the 2 years that I had the chance to work with her for the Pittsburgh Marathon. She always displayed a professional attitude and her work ethic is amazing.”

Meredith E. Cassandra, Area Director of Revenue Management at Wyndham Worldwide 

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Adriane since the Marathon returned five years ago. She is exceptionally diligent and will leave no stone unturned or door unopened to accomplish her mission. Not only does she obtain great results, but she is also adept at ensuring the needs of both her clients and her organization are met equally. Adriane is an outstanding, tireless advocate.”

Julian Neiser, Business and Trial Attorney with John Cook & Associates


“She handles projects that she has undertaken from start to finish with utmost care and consideration for all aspects of it, finalizing in successful outcomes for desired goals.”

Charlotte Obert

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