Fundraising isn’t about the money – it’s about what those gifts allow your organization to do – preserve our animals and environment, feed hungry men, women and children, provide after-school programs, prevent bullying, find cures for diseases, and so much more.

As a fundraising consultant and development coach, Adriane Deithorn, MS, helps dozens of organizations like yours raise the money necessary to broaden their impact.

Consulting Services

Every nonprofit organization has different goals, desires and outcomes. But there are many things you can expect when you choose Adriane as your fundraising consultant:

  • A complete analysis of your current development operations with specific, tailored recommendations in a full development audit.
  • Guidance and support for executive directors and development staff to address fundraising and management issues.
  • A detailed action plan to help you raise funds more efficiently and effectively.
  • Trained, engaged board members who are able to excel as both fundraisers and in governance.
  • The ability to raise significantly more money for your organization, year after year.

Board/Staff Retreats
Could your board or staff use a little motivation and inspiration? Let’s make it happen!

If you want to motivate, inspire, and provide your board and/or staff with the tools they need to be powerful, effective fundraisers, consider Adriane to facilitate your next retreat. With more than 16 years of experience in her field, Adriane uses a combination of role-play, teaching, discussion, to bring her message to life.

A Retreat that’s Tailored to Your Nonprofit

Adriane will facilitate a half, a full or multiple day retreat, depending on your needs.  Prior to the session, she’ll work with you and your organization to determine your goals and outcomes for the day. Then she’ll create a training program specifically aimed at solving the problems your board members are facing.

What to Expect at Your Board Retreat

  • A completely personalized agenda to meet the specific needs of your nonprofit board
  • An objective assessment of your board and its weaknesses and strengths
  • Creation of a measurable, achievable strategic plan to move your organization forward
  • Step-by-step how too’s for your board members on everything from “friendraising” to asking for (and receiving!) major gifts.

Development Coaching
Many professionals have coaches, from sports stars and actors to speakers and Fortune 500 CEOs. The right coach can help anyone perform at the top of their game – including fundraising professionals.  You could also think of coaching as you would a personal trainer at the gym. A personal trainer is an expert in exercise, fitness, and nutrition. They show you what to do, keep you motivated and on track, and provide you with valuable information.

Do you want to be an average fundraiser, or an outstanding fundraiser?
If you said “outstanding,” then coaching might be right for you. And I’d love to be your coach!

As a speaker and a consultant, I work primarily with groups – from large audiences during keynote addresses to small, intimate groups of staff and board members when consulting or facilitating board retreats.  But as a coach, I work with you one-on-one to help you define and achieve your personal fundraising goals.

How Does Development Coaching Work?
Fundraising Coaching is a formal, professional relationship between a nonprofit professional (that’s you) and your coach (me).  During the coaching process, I “meet” with you every other week for a regularly scheduled coaching session by phone or via video chat. Together, you and I will establish goals and a fundraising strategy.  Each time we meet, we will review your progress and discuss the next steps to get you to your goal. Your job is to do the work — my job is to keep you energized and inspired, and to provide you with the information you need to do it with excellence.

Possible Coaching Topics:

  • Developing a Fundraising Matrix
  • Prospect identification and management
  • Cultivation strategy
  • How to get your board members involved
  • How to determine an ask amount for your prospects
  • Timeline of Stewardship
  • Role play
  • How to get more from your special events
  • How to run a Silent Auction

In addition to your scheduled meetings, you’ll have unlimited access to me by phone and email – so you never have to wait when a pressing question arises.

Space is limited so that I may ensure I can provide the individual attention each client deserves.